Annalene Beechey Close Your Eyes CD

The long awaited debut album from "always excellent" West End leading lady of 'Les Miserables', 'Phantom' and 'Marguerite'./span
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Featuring an enchanting selection of songs by leading British and American songwriters including Scott Alan, Stiles & Drewe, Grant Olding, Maltby & Shire, Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, Richard Taylor, William Finn; beautiful new arrangements by Peter White, Jonathan Williams and Richard Taylor; West End guests Julian Ovenden ('Marguerite'), Rebecca Lock ('Phantom') and Simon Greiff ('Saturday Night Fever'); and a special album foreword by acclaimed American composer Scott Alan.
"A beautiful and captivating debut album ⦠intoxicating voice speaks for itself ⦠I canât express how humbled I feel to have her as a part of my life, the respect I have for that beautiful voice of hers, and, most important, how honored I am to call her my friend. Itâs a rare gift to meet someone whoâs undeniable talent matches the purity of their heart. Annalene is that gift."strongScott Alan/strong_x000D_strongTRACK LISTING/strong_x000D_ol_x000D_liNo One Is Alone / Children Will Listen by Stephen Sondheim/li_x000D_liLion Tamer by Stephen Schwartz/li_x000D_liRiver by Joni Mitchell - duet with Julian Ovenden/li_x000D_liHannahâs Dream* by Grant Olding/li_x000D_liDoll On A Music Box by Sherman & Sherman/li_x000D_liCarrying A Torch by Stiles & Drewe/li_x000D_liThe Promise by Tracy Chapman/li_x000D_liItâs Never That Easy / Iâve Been Here Before by Shire & Maltby, Jr - duet with Rebecca Lock/li_x000D_liSailing by William Finn/li_x000D_liNothing More by Scott Alan/li_x000D_liPerfect Day by Colin Towns/li_x000D_liWhat We Have by Richard Taylor/li_x000D_liIf I Told You by Sklar & Beguelin - duet with Simon Greiff/li_x000D_liAlways / Goodnight by Scott Alan/li_x000D_/ol_x000D_em*previously unrecorded song/em


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