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(Berlin) Betty Hutton Howard Keel and Louis Calhern. 1950 Original Film /br / With bonus tracks performed by Betty Hutton (Tracks 11 - 20)/span_x000D__x000D_h2 id="MusicTracksHeader"Track Listings/h2_x000D__x000D_div class="content"_x000D_div id="MusicTracksText"/div_x000D_table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3"_x000D_tbody_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td1. Doin' What Comes Naturally Betty Hutton/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td2. The Girl That I Marry Howard Keel - Howard Keel/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td3. You Can't Get A Man With A Gun - Betty Hutton/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td4. There's No Business Like Show Business - Betty Hutton & Howard Keel/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td5. They Say It's Wonderful - Betty Hutton & Howard Keel/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td6. My Defences Are Down Howard Keel - Howard Keel/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td7. Anything You Can Do - Betty Hutton & Howard Keel/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td8. I've Got Sun In The Morning - Betty Hutton/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td9. Together Again (They Say It's Wonderful) The MGM Studio Orchestra - The MGM Studio Orchestra/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td10. Annie Get Your Gun Finalé / End Theme - Betty Hutton & Howard Keel & Cast/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td11. A Bushel And A Peck (with Perry Como) - B. Hutton/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td12. What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For?/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td13. Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td14. The Sewing Machine/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td15. Somebody Loves Me/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td16. His Rocking Horse Ran Away/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td17. It Had To Be You/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td18. The Honeymoon's Over (with Tennessee Ernie Ford)/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowEven"_x000D_td19. I Wish I Didn't Love You So/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_tr class="listRowOdd"_x000D_td20. Stuff Like That There/td_x000D_/tr_x000D_/tbody_x000D_/table_x000D_/div_x000D_br //span_x000D_br //span


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