Carl Davis The World At War CD

Original Television Soundtrack
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The series is continually on the television networks and as a result there is a constant demand for the music from the series._x000D_The album also hosts many of the songs of the time._x000D_Tracklist_x000D_1. Speechbr /Neville Chamberlain 0.44br /2. The World at War Themebr /Carl Davis 3.56br /3. Wish Me Luck As You Wave Goodbyebr /Gracie Fields 2.34br /4. Were Gonna Hang Out The Washing onbr /the Siegfried Linebr /Arthur Askey 2.33br /5. Boumbr /Charles Trenet 2.32br /6. France Falls Suitebr /Carl Davis 10.53br /7. Speechbr /Winston Churchill 0.31br /8. Adolfbr /The Billy Cotton Band 2.46br /9. Lili Marlenebr /Lale Anderson 3.14br /10. Red Starbr /Carl Davis 4.07br /11. The Red Army is the Strongestbr /The Red Army Choir 2.41br /12. Speechbr /Field Marshal Montgomery 0.28br /13. This is the Army Mr. Jonesbr /Irving Berlin 2.19br /14. G.I. Bluesbr /Carl Davis 3.05br /15. Coming in on a Wing and a Prayerbr /Anne Shelton 2.44br /16. Speechbr /General Eisenhower 0.21br /17. Arnhem Liftbr /Carl Davis 2.34br /18. Warsaw Aftermathbr /Carl Davis 2.34br /19. Run Rabbit Runbr /Flanagan and Allen 2.44br /20. Im Gonna Get Lit Upbr /(When the Lights Go Up in London)br /Carrol Gibbons 2.32br /21. Turkey Shootbr /Carl Davis 4.44br /22. London Pridebr /Noel Coward 3.24br /23. When They Sound the Last All Clearbr /Vera Lynn 3.21br /24. Blood Sweat and Tearsbr /Carl Davis 3.46br /25. Speech Winston Churchill 0.23br /26. The Reckoningbr /Carl Davis 3.20br /27. The World at War Themebr /Carl Davis 1.07


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