Charlotte Sweet Original Cast complete recording 2 CD

Released for the first time COMPLETE on 2CD's
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Set in Victorian England, CHARLOTTE SWEET spotlights Charlotte, a girl with one of the highest & most beautiful soprano voices in the world. Because of her father's debts, she is forced to leave Ludlow Ladd (her Liverpool sweetheart) and join Barnaby Bugaboo's Circus of Voices: a troupe of freak voices including low-voiced Katinka Bugaboo, fast-voiced Harry Host, bubble-voiced Cecily Macintosh, and Skitzy Scofield (with dual personalities & voices). Becoming the troupe's biggest sensation, Charlotte is mercilessly exploited by Barnaby until she has a vocal breakdown. Thereupon, Barnaby & his wife Katinka addict Charlotte to helium balloons in order to maintain her high notes. Only Ludlow Ladd can rescue herâin a scene full of surprises.
Disk 1
1.     At the Music Hall     
2.     'The Only Man for Charlotte Sweet'    Forever     
3.     Liverpool Sunset     
4.     'Aa-aal'     Layers of Underwear     
5.     Quartet Agonists     
6.     'Ah, Wait Till You've Met...'      Forever (Reprise)     
7.     The Circus of Voices     
8.     'Oh Charlotte, Oh Charlotte'     Backstage Sequence     
9.     Keep It Low     
10.     Bubbles in Me Bonnet     
11.     Vegetable Reggie     
12.     My Baby & Me     
13.     A-weaving     
14.     A-weaving (Reprise)     'What a Girl'     
15.     Your High Note!     
16.     Katinka     The Darkness     
17.     'Oh, Top O'the Morning'     You See in Me a Bobby     
18.     'The Coast Is Clear'     A Christmas Buche     
19.     The Letter     
20.     'Why, That's Good News'     Volley of Indecision - Goods Things Come     
21.     'You're Right!'      It Could Only Happen in Theatre     
22.     Lonely Canary     
23.     Queenly Comments     
24.     Farewell to Auld Lang Syne      Finale


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