Guys and Dolls 1995 Studio Cast CD

First Complete Recording Doub le CD
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(Loesser). Emily Loesser Gregg Edelman and Kim Criswell le First Complete Recording. Double CD 1995 Studio Cast.
Disc One: 1. Act One: Overture - NSO/John Owens Edwards 2. Act One: Runyonland - NSO/John Owens Edwards 3. Act One: Fugue For Tinhorns - Don Stephenson/David Green/Nicolas Colicos 4. Act One: Follow The Fold - Emily Loesser/Brian Greene 5. Act One: The Oldest Established - Tim Flavin/Don Stephenson/David Green/Bates 6. Act One: I'll Know - Emily Loesser/Gregg Edelman 7. Act One: A Bushel And A Peck - Kim Criswell 8. Act One: Adelaide's Lament - Kim Criswell 9. Act One: Guys And Dolls - Don Stephenson/David Green 10. Act One: Havana - NSO/John Owens Edwards/Emily Loesser/Gregg Edelman 11. Act One: If I Were A Bell - Emily Loesser/Gregg Edelman 12. Act One: My Time of Day/I've Never Been In Love Before - Gregg Edelman/Emily Loesser 13. Act One: Finale Act One - Gregg Edelman/Emily Loesser Disc Two: 1. Act Two: Entr'acte - NSO/John Owens Edwards 2. Act Two: Take Back Your Mink - Kim Criswell 3. Act Two: Adelaide's Second Lament - Kim Criswell 4. Act Two: More I Cannot Wish You - Brian Greene/Emily Loesser 5. Act Two: The Crapshooter's Dance - NSO/John Owens Edwards 6. Act Two: Luck Be A Lady - Gregg Edelman 7. Act Two: Sue Me - Kim Criswell/Tim Flavin 8. Act Two: Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat - Don Stephenson/Katrina Murphy 9. Act Two: Adelaide Meets Sarah - Emily Loesser/Kim Criswell 10. Act Two: Marry The Man Today - Kim Criswell/Emily Loesser 11. Act Two: The Happy Ending/Guys And Dolls - Pam Baxter/Lynton Black/Elaine Boxall/Karen Broughton/David Cavendish/Nicolas Colicos... 12. Bonus Track: A Woman In Love (From The Movie) - Gregg Edelman/Emily Loesser 13. Bonus Track: Pet Me Poppa (From The Movie) - Kim Criswell 14. Bonus Track: Adelaide (From The Movie) - Tim Flavin/Don Stephenson/David Green 15. Bonus Track: Travelling Light (Cut From The Original Production) - Gregg Edelman/Tim Flavin


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