Let The Sun Shine In: The Genius Of Hair Book


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An insightful thoughtful anaysis of this ground-breaking work offering proof positive that far from being the silly hippie rock musical many people think it is Hair is truly a work of genius. Paperback


In 1967 Hair launched a revolution. It rejected every convention of Broadway of traditional theatre in general and of the American musical specifically. It paved the way for the nonlinear concept musicals that dominated American musical theatre innovation thereafter. It also launched the careers of such actors as Diane Keaton Melba Moore Tim Curry Peter Gallagher and Ben Vereen.&quotKnotted polka-dotted twisted beaded braided&quot With more regional productions of Hair than ever before Scott Miller gives us an incisive and fascinating analysis of the show. He looks at its place in theatre and cultural history and its impact on recent musicals including Rent. What's more he delves into the mystical power Hair has over performers and viewers alike and its ability to literally change lives today--including his. Just ten days shy of the terrorist attacks in SeptemberWWWW 2001 Miller's theatre company had wrapped up their second production of Hair. The show profoundly shaped their reaction to those events committing them to the belief in the goodness of people in general and of Americans in specific and in the connectedness we all share. And as he reports the same profound feelings have been true of others performing this piece.&quotBangled tangled spangled and spaghettied!&quot Whether you're a fan wanting to relive the time that extolled peace love and understanding--and sex drugs and rock 'n roll! - or a theatre professional needing insightful analysis for a production read Scott Miller and know the true genius of Hair. &quotLet the sun shine let the sun shine in the sun shine in.


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