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Albert Hague and Dorothy Fields' musical 'Redhead' proved the surprise Broadway hit of 1959, winning the Tony Award for 'Best Musical'. The show also won awards for its choreography, costume design and for its leading performers Gwen Verdon, Richard Kiley and Leonard Stone. Set in the early 1900s, 'Redhead' is, moreover, something of a theatrical rarity - a musical whodunit. It tells the story of Essie Whimple, a rather plain young lady who makes wax images in a museum run by her two aunts. Her tableau of a recent murder offends the murdered girl's brother, Tom Baxter. But Tom and Essie are soon attracted to each other; he helps her get a dancing role at the Odeon Music Hall and, aided by a chase reminiscent of the Keystone Kops, they eventually solve the murder.
In May 1959, the RCA Camden label issued a studio cast recording of the 'Redhead' score. Recorded in London, the album featured Rita Williams, Bryan Johnson and Fred Lucas with the Mike Sammes Singers and Hill Bowen Orchestra. The recording (presented as highlights) effectively captured the magic and immediacy of Hague and Fields' score. In their 4* review, Billboard praised the release for the "top flight musical comedy warbling stints of Rita Williams and Bryan Johnson".
One year after 'Redhead' opened on Broadway, a Spanish language adaptation by Luis De Llano and Martha Fisher opened in Mexico City. 'La Pelirroja', starring Virma Gonzalez, Armando Calvo and featuring Placido Domingo opened on February 11th 1960 at Teatro de los Insurgentes. The production was subsequently preserved on record by RCA Victor Mexico.
Stage Door are pleased to debut on CD both the RCA Camden 'Selections from Redhead' album and the complete Mexican cast recording of 'La Pelirroja'. The release is complemented by a handful of 'pop' covers of the 'Redhead' song score, performed by Art Lund, Toni Arden and Tommy Leonetti. The release forms part of Stage Door's COLLECTOR'S SERIES, a line of limited edition CD products presented in the retro style of a miniature long-playing record. All Collector's Series titles are limited to 500 units.

1. Overture - Hill Bowen Orchestra
2. The Right Finger on My Left Hand - Rita Williams
3. Just for Once - Bryan Johnson [LISTEN]
4. I Feel Merely Marvelous - Rita Williams
5. The Uncle Sam Rag - The Mike Sammes Singers [LISTEN]
6. Look Who's in Love - Rita Williams, Bryan Johnson [LISTEN]
7. My Girl is Just Enough Woman for Me - Bryan Johnson [LISTEN]
8. I'm Back in Circulation - Bryan Johnson
9. We Loves Ya, Jimey - The Mike Sammes Singers
10. Pick-Pocket Tango - Hill Bowen Orchestra
11. I'll Try - Rita Williams, Bryan Johnson
12. Obertura - Orquesta de la Union Filarmonica Mexicana
13. El Museo De Las Hermanas Sanson - Chorus
14. De Los Dedos De Mi Mano - Virma Gonzalez [LISTEN]
15. Una Vez - Virma Gonzalez, Armando Calvo, Nono Arsu
16. Chispas - Virma Gonzalez
17. Tio Sam Rag - Nono Arsu, Chorus
18. El Paco Pecas De Jerez - Virma Gonzalez
19. No Es Bastante Mujer Para Mi - Armando Calvo, Nono Arsu
20. Portarse - Virma Gonzalez, Conchita, Maria Gentil Arcos
21. Quien Dijo Amor? - Virma Gonzalez, Armando Calvo
22. Es Bastante Mujer Para Mi - Armando Calvo, Chrous
23. La Vision De Lisa - Orquesta de la Union Filarmonica Mexicana
24. Dos Caras En La Obscuridad - Placido Domingo, Chorus [LISTEN]
25. Amarla Fue Un Error - Armando Calvo
26. Ahi Viene Jaime El Bonachon - Ada Carrasco, Cristina Morell, Clientes del Dragon Verde
27. Tango Del Bolseador - Orquesta de la Union Filarmonica Mexicana
28. Finale - Company
29. My Girl is Just Enough Woman for Me - Art Lund [LISTEN]
30. Two Faces in the Dark - Tommy Leonetti
31. Just for Once - Toni Arden


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