The Pleasure Garden Original London Cast

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Production: Original London Cast
Music: Charles Miller
Lyrics: Glen Chandler
Release Date: 2021-09-02 00:00:00
Brand: Jay Records
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Music by Charles Miller
Book and Lyrics by Glenn Chandler
Directed by Fenton Gray
Musical Director/Conductor: Aaron Clingham
It is getting more difficult to find new musicals that boast tuneful scores for proper singing and not belting and screaming with humorous and witty dialogues and interesting stories as well as characters. This new Musical more than doubly delivers all of the above. It is a refreshing breath air, ironically one that looks back to the hay days of the best of the English Musicals. JAY is proud and pleased to have recorded the Original London Cast album and preserved it for posterity and the audiences of the future.
For two centuries, the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens drew enormous crowds for its Circus Acts, Balloon Rides, Orchestral Concerts and Spectacular Fireworks. For those in the know, however, the darker paths, wooded corners and intimate arbours were used for more illegal and intimate entertainments. But now it is 1850 and the gardens are in their dying days. Yet still the faithful come….
Tom, a handsome young gardener is torn between the hopelessly romantic shipping Clark, Ralph and a sexually voracious aristocratic couple, Lord and Lady Lovelock.
With the gardens closing and his livelihood under threat, will Tom choose a bohemian life with Ralph: employment with the unorthodox Lord and Lady Lovelock: or answer the drumbeat of a looming overseas war?
Jay Worley : Ralph Pottinger
Sam Baumal : Tom Restless
Rory Charlie Campbell : Lord Roger Lovelock
Ashleigh Harvey : Lady Maud Lovelock
Ben Amora Wong: Princess Saura
Jennie Jacobs : Captain Antrobus
Steve Watts : The Hermit


  1. Opening: A Place Long Ago/There’s No Place Like Vauxhall  Alex, Mick, Homeless Man and Company
  2. Love Came A-Walking My Way    Ralph and Tom
  3. The Loveliest Blossom on The Bough (And How!)  Tom
  4. Can a Man Help Being a Sod?   Lord Roger Lovelock and Lady Maude Lovelock
  5. Eastern Pleasures   Princess Saura
  6. Eastern Pleasures (Reprise)    Princess Saura
  7. A Nightingale's Trill      Tom and Ralph
  8. Fight! Fight! Fight!      Captain Antrobus and Company
  9. Let Me Take You There      Lord Roger Lovelock and Tom
  10. Let Me Take You There (Reprise)     Tom and Ralph
  11. Why Not, Captain Antrobus?    Lady Maude Lovelock and Captain Antrobus
  12. Finding The Man in Me    Ralph and Hermit
  13. What’s Wrong with a Little Détente?     Tom, Lady Maude Lovelock, Lord Roger Lovelock and Ralph
  14. Tom's Song: When The Lights Go Off?/ Loveliest Blossom (Reprises)     Tom
  15. Prelude To Act Two: There Was a Place Long Ago      Company
  16. The Place I Left Behind     Lady Maude Lovelock
  17. I’m Doctor Watt      Princess Saura
  18. It’s Complicated     Princess Saura and Captain Antrobus
  19. Can’t a Hermit Be a Hermit?     Hermit
  20. Fight! Fight! Fight! (Reprise)    Tom and Captain Antrobus
  21. The Gardens of Love     Ralph
  22. When The Lights Go Off at Vauxhall (Reprise)    Hermit, Lord Roger Lovelock and Lady Maude Lovelock, Tom
  23. It’s Complicated (Reprise)     Princess Saura and Captain Antrobus
  24. Finale     Company
  25. Bows    Band


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